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2023 School Board Candidates

These candidates were hand selected from hundreds of candidates across Colorado. They were chosen for their school districts as the best candidates because they will move school policy towards the Right, rather than further left. This is a crucial time for Colorado kids; progressives are pushing gender ideology and indoctrinating our kids to believe racism is inherently systemic, and that kids are racist. 

We must take control of our children’s education. I have personally reached out to County GOP leadership across the state to obtain their school board recommendations, and I have thoroughly vetted those recommendations. I have worked with the State GOP, and I have worked with elected state and county officials from across Colorado, to arrive at these candidates. I’m confident in this list, and if every candidate here were elected, November 7th would be a triumphant day for Colorado kids. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or for further information. 





Academy D-20 (El Paso)

Derrick Wilburn 

Amy Shandy 

Archuleta D-JT-50

Elainah Trujillo


Max Garcia


Sally Goullet

Adams-12 (critical)

Ken Murphy

Ben Helgeson

Rebecca Elmore 


Adams 27J

Derek Eadsen

Shawna Hirter

Annie Jensen

Adams 28-J

Max Garcia 


Justin Talbot 

Boulder County

Cynthia Nevison


Leigh Sargent


Buena Vista D-31

Montana Brown

Brett Mitchell

George Richardson

Canon City D-01 (critical)

Tom Wenzl

Graceann Pitner

Matthew Alexander 

Cherry Creek D-05

Scott Graves 

Steve McKenna


Cheyenne Mountain 12 (El Paso)

Celeste Fitzpatrick

Rick Gillitt 

Cortez RE-1

Rhonda Tracy 

Delta 50J

Beth Suppes 

Hardy Hutto


Denver (unique- Democrat slate not supported by the *good candidates here)  

John Youngquist

Kimberly Sia  

Marlene de la Rosa  


Michael Rime

Dustin Goodall 

DougCo (critical)

Dave DiCarlo

Andy Jones

Maria Sumnicht

Durango 9-R

By acclamation:

Kristin Smith & Katie Stewart 

Elizabeth (critical) 

Mike Callahan

Rhonda Olsen

Mary Powell

Jon Waller 


El Paso County D-11 (critical) 

Parth Melpakham 

Jason Jorgenson 

Jill Haffley

Thomas Carey


El Paso County D-49 (critical)  

Ralene Revord

Deb Schmidt


Estes Park 

Kyri Cox 

Kevin Morris

Fountain School District 8

Jill Grubbs

Fremont School District 02

Beth Roman

Garfield Re-2

Cassie Haskell 

Fathom Jensen - unopposed 

Chance Jenkins

Garfield Re-16

Voted in by acclamation:

Keith Gronewaller, Lindsey Latham, & Vincent Tomasulo

Greeley Evans D-6

Scott Rankin

Ashley Tilley 

Stacey Casteel

Gunnison Watershed

Cori Dobson

Lisa Henry


Harrison D2 (El Paso)

Sherrea Elliot-Sterling



Sheryle Hunter 

Jefferson County 

Thomas Wicke

Amara Hildebrand


Lewis Palmer D-38 (El Paso)

Tom Olmstead 

Kris Norris - unopposed 

Todd Brown - unopposed 

Ron Schwartz - unopposed 


Michelle Redfearn

Littleton SD 6

Brian Macaulay

Mesa County Valley School District 51

Barbara Evanson

Cyndee Skalaa

Montrose County

Dawn Schieldt

Neisha Balleck

Ted Valerio

Charli Oswald


Montezuma County

Rafe O’Brien

Mike Lynch

Rhonda Tracy



Jimmy Bailey

Cherri Brown

Mike Brown

Julia Kinner


Poudre School District 01

Andrea Booth

Kurt Kastein

Caleb Larson

Scott Schoenbauer 

Pueblo D-60

Sue Pannunzio 

Brian Cisneros

Dan Comden

Dr. Roger Wright 

Pueblo D-70

Voted in by acclamation 

Dr. A.J. Wilson &  Anne Ochs

Roaring Fork-Glenwood Springs

Phillip Bogart

Alan Kokish

Saint Vrain Valley 

By acclamation (no good candidates, election decided): 

Jacqueline Weiss, James Berthold, Michelle Sulek & Geno Lechuga. 


Lee Sergeant 

Thompson D-02

Nancy Rumfelt 

Ryan Wilcken

Yazmin Navarro

Elizabeth Kearney 

Weld RE3J District 

Anna Smith

Weld RE-4

Karen Trusler

Mark Leach

Kathy Ulrich

Weld RE5-J

Amy Musgrave 

Weld RE-8

TaRissa Campbell


Widefield D-3 (El Paso)

Tina West

Dave Boyd

Windsor D-04

Jennifer Hansen 

Mark Leach

Helen "Kathy" Ulrich

Woodland Park RE-2 (critical) 

Mick Bates

Cassie Kimbrell

David Illingworth



Kristen Schaffner


Darcy Schoening
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